Opal Enthusiast wants Liquidation of ALL OPAL


Finished, Rubbed, Rough, Offcutts, and semi-finished OPAL

This TL  Estate parcel comes from a close friend who wants to LIQUIDATE THE WHOLE PARCEL all at once.  However, he leaves the grading, pricing, and sale up to TIBARA.  So here are the rules:

1.     Pricing shown is for this parcel ro individual lots of opals.  PLEASE DO NOT BARTER the prices shown. These prices are already discounted compared to highly discounted WEB prices. We can talk about the parcel, but not on any one lot.

2.     If you want a lot as imaged, then add %40 to the price shown.  This is what cherry picking costs.  Usually, cherry picking costs %100 more.

3.     Postage, insurance, and special handling costs  will be paid by the customer.

4.     Payment will be by credit card,or check precharged just like Amazon, etc.  Refunds will be given if the return is unaltered in any way; if they are received within 10 days of mailing; refunds are NOT made for postage, insurance or special handling.  Generally no restocking fees will be charged; however, if they are returned not in original order (all messed up), then a 15%  charge will be made for our time to reorder the opals for sale—at our discretion.

5.     Our terms of sale page gives details.  Sorry, but we must be up-front about this because we want to AVOID CONFLICT and keep everyone happy!


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