Brokerage Information

We at Opal by Tibara offer a brokerage service for individuals who have a precious opal stone and want to sell it.  In order for us to service your requests we need an appraisal of the opal, not in a setting, by a GIA certified gemologist.  Please fill out the form below with the information on the gemologist’s appraisal.

Upon receipt of this information we will research prospective buyers and get back to you within two weeks.


  1. We are not inclined to purchase your stones.
  2. We are miners and wholesalers and purchase material at miner prices.
  3. We expect you to pay a finder’s fee based upon the stone value or other agreed upon arrangement.
  4. We generally find selling on the web to be fraught with the expected and unexpected i.e., thievery; fake credit cards; lots of crooks, fraudulent behavior etc ,etc, etc.
  5. We will do everything we can to ensure that your stone is safe while in our hands BUT,….
  6. We will not insure nor will we indemnify your stone if (God forbid) something negative happens to it.
  7. We will endeavor to have you communicate directly with the potential buyer.

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