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All the prices on this page have gone up from our suppliers. We will post the new prices as soon as time allows. Thanks for your patience and don’t hesitate to call for numbers. We have even gotten calls from South Africa. For Opal cutting by hand, see “Hand Polishing Supplies.”


TIBARA OPAL MACHINE by Ameritool, Inc.

The Universal Heavy Duty Lapidary Grinding and Polishing Machine is a complete Heavy Duty Grinding and Polishing Ladidary Machine. Designed for production use yet is affordable for the hobbyist. The 5 step accessory kit makes it possible to grind, shape and polish gem material immediately. The 4 step finishing process makes it easy to finish a wide variety of gem material, both natural and synthetic, including quartz, agate, jasper, tourmaline, corundum and opal.Because the Universal is a horizontal lap machine you can grind flats, make free formcabochons, rework quartz crystals, do intarsia and detailed inlay work. The Universal is excellent for glass work. Often no fire polish is required.

The clean, quiet Universal HD can be used in the house or in a recreational vehicle – Clean up is easy! Additionally, we recommend a 3,000 and 8,000 mesh Pro Diamond Sanding Discs + two backing plates to support them. This is the opal specialist. FURTHER, we are absolutely convinced that OPTICAL GRADE CERIUM OXIDE # ONE OR TWO ON THE ROUGH SIDE OF WET LEATHER.

Each machine includes:

  • Variable speed ball bearing DC Motor with 115 VAC converter and coolant reservoir w/splash shield
  • 180 Mesh Metal Bond Diamond Disc, hydraulically pressed to a backing plate
  • 325 Mesh Diamond Sanding Disc
  • 1200 Mesh Diamond Sanding Disc
  • White Polish Pad w/14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound
  • Disc Backing Plates (4)
  • Complete Instructions


  • Motor: 6″ -1/4 HP Ball Bearing DC with 115 VAC Converter
  • Motor: 8″ -1/4 HP Ball Bearing DC with 115 VAC Converter
  • Drive: Direct on 2″ Drive Flange
  • Dimensions:
    • 6″ Universal: 12″x12″x7″
    • 8″ Universal: 12″x12″x7″
  • Weight:
    • 6″ Universal –16 Ibs including accessories
    • 8″ Universal –18 Ibs including accessories

6″ Universal HD Complete with accessories
#20-021 $479.00 plus shipping.

8″ Universal HD Complete with accessories
#21-003 $579.00 plus shipping.

LAPIDARY and JEWELRY SAWThe Ameritool 4″ Lapidary Trim Saw is the perfect tool for cutting valuable faceting material and pre-forming cabochons. The saw table is flat so it is easy to trim oversized slabs and removable so clean up is easy. The sturdy table measures 6″ X 10″. The saw housing is made of unbreakable cross-linked polyethylene – No rusting, no messy oil, uses water only.The 1/4 HP equivalent variable speed ball bearing direct drive motor allows the saw to run fast enough to use ultra thin diamond blades and it is powerful enough for sintered diamond blades. Made in the U.S.A.

Only $229.00

4″ Vise Assembly
Part Number #02-357 $69.95
Vise Assembly


Six Diamond drill bits

3/32″ shank in plastic storage box.

DDK120197 $45.00

Optical grade #2 Cerium oxide

OP200 $1.25/oz

Lapidary – Jewelry and Gemstone Polishing

Cerium Oxide Polish Disc A Resin bonded polish disc for inlay and cabochon work. Cerium oxide is locked into a resin bond. Ideal for those who want a clean, no-mess way to polish quartz and Tibara opal. Water keeps material and disc cool.


Stock No.


6″ Disc



8″ Disc #14-333 $15.00

Leather Polish Disc A general polish disc for a wide variety of lapidary polishing jobs. Can be used on rough or smooth side. Great for oxide polishing powders as well as diamond powders and compounds, such as the recommended Tibara Cerium Oxide, Optical grade #2.

Description Stock No. Price
6″ Disc



8″ Disc



Sponge Pad 1/8″ Thick sponge disc with pressure sensitive adhesive backing. Use under diamond sanding and polishing discs to cushion and help remove flats from cabochons. Recommended for all opal laps.


Stock No. Price

6″ Sponge Pad



8″ Sponge Pad



White Polish Pad A polish pad used by cutters who want to charge their disc with diamond compound or powders.


Stock No.


6″ Disc






Lapidary and Jewelry Diamond Sanding

Diamond Sanding Discs

Ameritool Diamond Sanding Discs ensure rapid removal of grinding marks and high spots on gemstones. The secret to the fast smoothing action of the disc is diamond resin bonded to a flexible surface. Ameritool Diamond Sanding Discs are guaranteed to out-perform silicon carbide discs and diamond compound finishing systems. All discs come with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. They will adhere to most laps or backing plates. Ameritool Diamond Sanding Discs must be used wet.


6″ Diamond Sanding Discs

8″ Diamond Sanding Discs

220 #13-051 $20.00   #13-115 $30.00
325 #13-053 $20.00   #13-117 $30.00
600 #13-055 $20.00   #13-119 $30.00
1200 #13-057 $20.00   #13-121 $30.00
3000 #13-059 $20.00   #13-123 $30.00
8000 #13-061 $20.00   #13-125 $30.00

Diamond Discs

Precision diamond discs bonded to a composite backing plate offer a flat and parallel grinding surface for faceting, inlay, general lapidary and glass grinding applications. Also great for carbide and high speed tool grinding and shaping.


6″ Diamond Sanding Discs

8″ Diamond Sanding Discs

1200 #10-125 $59.00   #10-225 $69.00
600 #10-127 $59.00   #10-227 $69.00
260 #10-129 $59.00   #10-229 $69.00
180 #10-131 $79.00   #10-231 $99.00
100 #10-143 $79.00   #10-235 $99.00

Diamond Sanding Sets
Diamond Sanding Sets are great if you want to convert your facetor or lapidary machine to use our Ameritool Diamond Sanding Discs. Our most popular Sanding Discs are packaged in sets. These sets enable you to smooth gemstones and finish to a high luster. Each set includes the following: One each: 325 mesh Diamond Sanding Disc, 600 mesh Diamond Sanding Disc, 1200 mesh Diamond Sanding Disc, White Polish Pad, a tube of 14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound; plus, four (4) precision Backing Plates.

Stock No. Description Price
#13-225 6″ Diamond Sanding Disc Set with Backing Plates $99.00
#13-227 8″ Diamond Sanding Disc Set with Backing Plates $149.00
#13-251 6″ Diamond Sanding Disc Set without Backing Plates $59.00
#13-255 8″ Diamond Sanding Disc Set without Backing Plates $79.00

Diamond Toppers

Diamond Toppers are the perfect product for commercial cutters and hobbyists alike. Great replacement for old discs. Simply apply to top of any master backing plate. Each Topper comes with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing.

Mesh 6″ Topper

8″ Topper

1200 #10-513 $29.00   #10-611 $39.00
600 #10-515 $29.00   #10-615 $39.00
260 #10-517 $39.00   #10-619 $49.00
180 #10-519 $39.00   #10-621 $49.00
100 #10-521 $39.00   #10-625 $49.00

Checkered Diamond Discs

Specially designed interrupted grinding surface allows higher pressure contact of grinding area and allows waste to be removed quickly. Helps eliminate hydroplaning of grinding surface. Available in 100, 180 and 260 mesh only. Discs come mounted to precision backing plate. Checkered toppers are not mounted to backing plate.

Mesh 6″ Checkered Disc

8″ Checkered Disc

260 #10-709 $69.00   #10-725 $89.00
180 #10-711 $79.00   #10-727 $105.00
100 #10-713 $79.00   #10-729 $105.00
260 #10-749 $49.00   #10-765 $59.00
180 #10-751 $49.00   #10-767 $59.00
100 #10-753 $49.00   #10-771 $59.00

Amerishine Resin Bond Diamond Discs

A great advance in the smoothing and pre-polishing of facets, inlay and lapping small flat surfaces. The Amerishine Resin Diamond Discs grind fast yet leave smooth scratch-free surfaces. Diamonds are locked into a multi-layer resin surface delivering a long consistent life. (Not recommended for heavy stock removal.) When selecting an Amerishine Resin Bond Disc, choose one mesh size coarser than an electro-bonded diamond disc.

(*Replaces an electro-bonded disc mesh size.)


6″ Resin Bond

8″ Resin Bond

260 (*400) #11-033 $49.00   #11-141 $59.00
600 (*1200) #11-029 $49.00   #11-139 $59.00
1200 (*3000) #11-025 $49.00   #11-135 $59.00
3000 (*8000) #11-021 $49.00   #11-131 $59.00


A fast clean and easy way to polish faceted gemstones or inlay. Ultralaps are made with a uniform layer of carefully graded polish compound bonded to a thin plastic disc.

6″ Ultralaps 8″ Ultralaps
Spectra Blue #14-021 $9.95   #14-131 $12.95
Cerium Oxide #14-025 $9.95   #14-135 $12.95
Alum Oxide #14-027 $9.95   #14-137 $12.95
Chrome Oxide #14-031 $9.95   #14-141 $12.95

Backing Plates

A precision ground composite backing plate used to back up thin polish discs, Diamond Toppers and sanding pads. Manufactured to exact precision; flat and parallel within TIR.001.

Description Stock No. Price
6″ Backing Plate #12-019 $15.00
8″ Backing Plate #12-025 $20.00


Colorants for Epoxy

Black, green, red, purple, lt. blue, dk. blue


Hughes Epoxy 330
— no longer stocked. Buy fresh at a big hardware.

Fast setting, clear.

1 oz set in metal tubes $3.50


Polishing Paper

Assortment (one each of 400 green, 600 gray, 1200 blue, 4000 pink, 6000 mint, 8000 pale green mesh). Made by 3M.

PPK020298 $ 11.50

Abrasive Sheet
Assortment 3×5 sheets one each 280, 320, 400, 600, 1200, 6000 grit.

ASK020298 $ 5.00

…also available at your hardware store by the full sheet.

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