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Tucson has the largest collection of gem shows in the world in one place at one time around late January – early February of each year. We have had a booth at the Holidome for years and in 1999 initiated a series of Opal Seminars. We are happy to report that our Opal Seminar at the Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers Show at the Holiday Inn Holidome in February 2006 far exceeded our expectations. We are gratified with the reception of our seminars on opal mining, cutting, buying, and using our favorite gemstone. The more we all know, the better for the OPAL industry and us the consumers.

for upcoming seminars please check our Calendar.

Publications for Your Library:
Tibara Opal Book, by Tim and Barbara Thomas

This useful publication is professional, and combines 101 years of opal mining, cutting, buying, and using of opal of four opal lovers. Granted, it is not like being at the seminars, but it is the next best thing unless we edit the video tapes into an entity for sale. It contains excerpts of experiences, discussions and present and previous presentations. The cost is $30 post paid. Satisfaction guaranteed, 10 day perusal. Please call with your credit
card or mail a check to PO Box 1717, Clovis, CA. 93613-1717.

Australian Opal, by Fred Ward.
We offer this book because it is a good synopsis of all the major fields in Australia and includes cutting info as well as some beautiful photography.Cost is $19.00 post paid.

Beautiful Opals,
by Len Cram.
Lennie is the recognized authority on the history of Australian Opal. This publication has gorgeous photography and gives an outstanding sense of opal lore. Cost is $21.50 post paid.

Beautiful Lightning Ridge, by Len Cram. A hundred years of the world’s most famous Black Opal Field. This book will be available January 2001.Cost is $21.50 post paid.

Rock Color Chart – With Munsell Color Chips Munsell Color Chips in the black to white range are used by the Lightning Ridge Opal Miners Association as a world wide standard for describing the degree of black in the base color of “black opal.”
Available from: The Geological Society of America 3300 Penrose Place P. O. Box 9140 Boulder CO 80301 ** Downloading or printing these “color chips” will not be as accurate as a Rock Color Chart with actual Munsell Chips.

Reading Group 1 – $9.50pp

  1. Finding Maximum Opal Value & Opal Buying & Cutting, Field Alert By Tim and Barbara Thomas
    2.1 Making Opal Triplets, Doublets, Inlay Backing, Processes, Procedures and Production By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  2. Polishing & Dopping, Cerium oxide polishing thoughts By Tim Thomas
  3. Where Does Fire Come From By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  4. American Opal Society Seminar Synopsis By Russ Madsen, Based on a presentation by Tim Thomas, guest speaker at the 1997 Opal Symposium at the annual Opal and Gem Show of the American Opal Society.

Reading Group 2 – $12.00pp

  1. Marvin L. Wilson on Opal Carving
  2. Carving/Sculpting with Handpiece & Diamonds or Bead Blaster By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  3. Where Does Fire Come From By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  4. Making Opal Composites By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  5. Boulder Opal Cutting Tips By Barbara Thomas

Reading Group 3 – $5.50pp

  1. Synopsis – 1st National Opal Mining Symposium – March 1999 By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  2. A New Era for Opal Nomenclature By Anthony Smallwood FGAA, GG

Reading Group 4 – $12.00pp

  1. Maps of Australia, Major working areas, Mintabie, Coober Pedy, Andamooka
  2. Opal Bibliography By Tim and Barbara Thomas
  3. Catalogue
    — Downloading is cheaper.

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